web developer & designer

Having worked at Splash worldwide for over two years, plus having over a decade experience working in the media and web industry, my aim is to further my career within web development and design. I am looking for a role with both a web development and design focus, together with opportunities to take on more responsibility and at the same time further develop my coding and design skills.

Recent Work

Here is a selection of some recent work. Three projects produced at Slash Worldwide, Lexus - RX, Nike - Mercurial and TBC. All hand coded using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Greensock. And all coded specifically for their desired hosting platform. Click on the images below to see the banners themselves, as well as the Brief, Spec and required formats.

The Coding

I have created banners and microsites for many years, especially since the demand for HTML5 banners across all browsers and devices has rocketed with the death of Flash. Although alternative softwares are available, including Google Web Designer and Adobe Animate, I like to hand code using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Greensock.

HTML5 is designed to follow set standards, and provide faster fluid user experiences for both desktop and mobile visitors.

CSS3 is a set of standards for the display of web pages. These specifications are divided into modules. The modules of CSS3 add new features and extend the capabilities of CSS2.

JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. It runs on your visitor's computer and functions without constant downloads from your website.

Greensock (GSAP) is a library used to create complex animations in a speedy and stylish way. Physics, easing and draggable content are also possible.